New Science Video Product Now Completed!


After six months of continuous effort and late nights I am really pleased to announce my Physics front slidelatest video product – the complete iGCSE Physics Course. Alongside my existing Biology and Chemistry video courses this now means that the science suite is complete! Have a look at the new course by following the link below and clicking on the ‘Physics’ tab:

In a previous blog post I described how I had joined the 10% club by managing to make consistent sales using my own products – no affiliate marketing here! I really do believe that in order to be successful you have to find your niche, develop it, and then put in the necessary effort in order to create a product of which you can be proud.


I havn’t yet reached the dizzy heights of being able to give up my day job, so I’ve had to juggle the various demands on my time. There have been weeks when little has been achieved, but at other times I’ve really been able to focus on product creation and have really been in the ‘zone’.


I have now produced about 75 videos, with each one being between 15 and 20 minutes long. A quick calculation would suggest that I have created over 4,500 individual Powerpoint slides. Each video takes between 6 – 8 hours from initial idea to final rendering, so that’s a lot of time invested in my courses.


What’s kept me going is the fact that I actually enjoy what I do. I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years, and I still get a buzz whenever students enjoy my presentations and want to know more. Without this continual feedback I doubt if I could ever maintain the effort to finish the videos. But I have finished them, and I’m really proud of what I have created. See what you think …………


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Ideas From Andrew Reynolds

Like many internet marketers I subscribe to a number of newsletters, and one that I 2014-08-31_12-14-58regularly look forward to is ‘Copy These Ideas’ from Andrew Reynolds. I have followed Andrew for a number of years, and coincidentally I am currently re-reading the booklets from his ‘Cash on Demand’ course.

Andrew has a very relaxed writing style, and I find it very easy to work through the ideas as he presents them. Over the past couple of months I have pursued his guidance and have taken the necessary action.

I was therefore very intrigued to receive the latest edition of ‘Copy These Ideas’ as the project Andrew recommended belonged to a mutual friend, Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review. Neil has mentored me on several occasions, and if he delivers a product then you can be assured that it is worth the investment.

Andrew’s recommendation this month is to investigate the profits to be made from Public Domain materials. Any product or information that is out of copyright or has never had copyright assigned is now in the public domain.

The public domain contains a huge number of resources, including books, music, paintings, film and software. You can take any of these resources, repackage them, resell them and legitimately keep 100% of the profits.

I have purchased Neil’s Public Domain Eclass and I can vouch for the quality of the product. Neil takes you through the whole process, beginning with how to source your public domain resource, how to develop it, and how to get it onto the market.

But don’t just take my word for it – have a look at Neil’s course by following the link below and take action. Only by taking action will you reward yourself with the lifestyle you deserve!

Just click on this link:

Public Domain eClass 

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Wot – No Refund?


As mentioned in my previous blog, I took the plunge very recently and purchased a coursestruggling from Streetwise Publications with absolutely no chance of refund.  The product cost me £147, and came as a blank case with just the words ‘The DVD – Not for general distribution’ on the cover. – very intriguing!

Well, I have been through all four DVDs, and I’ll let you know how I got on a little later.  In the meantime, I just want to consider this concept of ‘no refund’.  If, like me, you’ve been a sucker for IM and trading products over the years then you will have come to expect the ’30 days – money back’ guarantee.  You may have requested your money back – you may indeed be a serial ‘refund requester’!


Let’s draw a parallel here with another of my interests – football.  I support a team in the lower divisions.  If I mention the words ‘Sky Blues’ then you will know who I’m talking about.  As a Coventry expat now living in the South of England I have followed the ‘City’ since I was a young kid.


These days, if I want to attend a ‘home’ game (wherever that might be – ouch!) I have to expect certain costs.  There’s fuel for the return journey, a pint and curry before the game (obligatory), entrance into the ground, a programme, half-time refreshments, and a service station stop for a Costa on the way home.  All-in-all, very little change, if any, out of £150.


And what have I got for my money?  Probably a very mediocre game with the occasional goal to lift the gloom (pessimism comes with the ‘born in Coventry’ tag).  It could be cold and wet, there will probably have been the usual abuse from the opposition fans, and I will leave the ground moaning “never again” – until the next time.


And guess what?  There will have been no offer of a refund.  No matter how crap City have been, nobody will be offering me my money back.


So why do we expect money-back guarantees with internet marketing and trading products that we purchase?  Presumably we’re old enough and experienced enough to make our own decisions?  So why do we expect a refund?  It’s like asking for our money back when we have seen a film that we didn’t particularly enjoy.


In many ways the refund is the wannabee-entrepreneur’s worst enemy.  It’s too easy to return a product without having really given it a go.  I can honestly say that I do try to make everything I purchase work.  Sometimes I know that it just isn’t for me – products that require a daytime input, such as certain trading plans, are hopeless for me as I teach full-time.  I don’t think my employers would be too chuffed if I left a lesson to check on a trade!


As for the most recent course I purchased – the one with no refund?  I watched the material very diligently and took extra care with my notes.  I wanted to make sure I gleaned everything I could from the course.  And it was worth every penny I spent on it – all I have to do now is to put everything into action – but that’s another story …..


I have another product to have a look at before term starts – tunnel trading by John Piper.  Now this product does have a refund, but I’m going to make sure that I only take this approach as a last resort.  Let’s hope the product works!


Until next time,




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Not The Next Bright Shiny Object?

shiny object

For several years now I have been interested in setting up multiple streams of income in order to relieve some of the pressures of my ‘day job’. Like most would-be entrepreneurs I have purchased my fair share of internet marketing products, and have spent a sum of money that I would rather not disclose!

I have achieved a modicum of success – I have a portfolio of four properties that bring in a very modest income, and I have my own site that delivers about $500 of income every month ( . However, I have yet to really make the significant progress that I really want, and I find this very frustrating.

What is it that stops me being more successful – is it the quality of the product, or is it me? Is my inability to really apply what I am being taught the real stumbling block? Surely not all the products I have purchased can be totally naff?

There’s only one way to find out where the problem lies, and that is to take a long hard look at a couple of products and document my progress. A couple of years ago I subscribed to Andrew Reynold’s “Cash on Demand” course, and followed it through for thirteen months.

There is no denying that Andrew is a very astute business man and entrepreneur. He has made his millions, and he has also invested a lot of time and effort into educating others (as well as his very commendable charity work). Thousands attend his workshops and follow his every word.

I have therefore decided to go back through the “Cash on Demand” course and try to pinpoint why I didn’t follow it through to a successful conclusion. So far I have re-read the first three modules, and I will try to go through one module every day. Nothing I have read so far has caused me to stumble – let’s see how I get on!

I have also just invested in two courses from Streetwise Publications. One is a trading course – ‘Tunnel Trading’ by John Piper. I have always wanted to add a trading element to my multiple income stream, but so far nothing has delivered. I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on over the next month or so.

The second course is a complete unknown. I received a flyer from John Harrison at Streetwise Publications and it just intrigued me – absolutely no chance of a refund, and a donation of £1000 to Water Aid after I’ve made the first £10 000! I must be mad, but here goes…….

Look out for my updates on progress made.

Until next time,



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How I Joined The 10% Club.


megaphoneIt is a widely recognised and sobering fact, but 90% of all Internet Marketing business start-ups fail within the first 120 days. By this we mean that the vast majority of would-be internet marketers fail to make a single sale.

Over the past twelve months I have made the leap from the 90% of failures to the 10% of successes. I now make consistent sales from my sites, and my income is regularly in excess of $500 per month. Not a huge amount you may say, but it’s enough to prove to myself that I can be a success at marketing my products.

For me, the next step is to join the 1% – those internet marketers who can make a living from the internet. I know it is possible, and over the next year or two I will be putting plans in place so that I can fulfil my dream.

Getting to the present position hasn’t been an overnight transition. I’ve probably been dabbling in internet marketing for about eight years, and I’ve made many mistakes along the way. I have been lured into many get-rich-quick schemes, and I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the promises of the internet ‘gurus’.

So what turned it all around? Why am I now making money whereas in the past I didn’t? For me, it was the slow realisation that I needed to remain within my skill-set. I am a teacher and a scientist, so the products I now produce fit exactly into my areas of knowledge and expertise – have a look for yourself:

And this is where my future lies – not selling affiliate products or marketing other peoples’ ideas, but simply focusing on what I do best.

There are no overnight successes. Internet marketing is a long hard slog, and if you’re really keen to be a success then you’ve got to put in the necessary effort. Forget the 4-hour work week – add a zero to that, make it the 40-hour work week, and perhaps then you are being more realistic.

Until next time,



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How To Create Your Own Video Products Part 3

Create your own teaching resource Part 3

Hi, and welcome to the third video in this series – here is where the fun really starts!  In previous videos we have looked at the whys and wherefores of online teaching using videos, and we can now start to put the content together.

In my day job as a teacher I use Powerpoint every day, and creating the presentations is something that I find really enjoyable.  Each presentation helps me to really think through the subject area, and to decide what is really important.  Powerpoint is my presentation tool of choice – despite what others may say about it! 

When I first started teaching there was much discussion about ‘death by worksheet’.  The frequently held opinion was that too many worksheets were being used, and far too many were of very poor quality.

Similar comments have been made about Powerpoint – ‘death by bullet points’ is the frequently heard mantra. Continue reading

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How To Create Your Own Video Products Part 2

Create your own teaching resource Part 2

Starting out on a new task can be a bit daunting.  Whenever I’m faced with a new DIY project at home I always begin by doubting my ability.  After all, I’m a teacher – what do I know about fitting a door, or putting a roof on the shed?  For me, the key point is taking action – once I begin a task I normally find that I have the requisite skills and can cope with most things.

A second key point is to make sure that I have the correct tools.  Over the years I’ve amassed sufficient bits of hardware – hammers, screwdrivers, saws, etc – to tackle a wide range of tasks.

The same thing applies to my internet marketing.  Over the years I’ve acquired many skills that originally I would have considered to be quite beyond me.  I would never have dreamt that I could build websites, or use FTP, or proficiently cope with autoresponders – but I have! Continue reading

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How To Create Your Own Video Products

Create your own teaching resource

In a recent blog I described how I was reminded the hard way of the need to focus on what I was good at, and to avoid purchasing the next shiny object.  My real passion is to develop video products, and as a full-time teacher I am really keen to produce resources that will educate in a stimulating and relevant way.

Videos are really big business, and if you’re not already considering dipping your toes into the video ocean then perhaps I can help you along the way.  Over the past couple of years I have recorded several hundred online videos, and I have been largely self-taught.

Continue reading

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Searching For Your Niche? – Look To Your Passion!

Finding the right niche is the challenge that faces most internet marketers.  In fact, for many it’s probably the major stumbling block to any progress, and a significant number will not even move beyond this stage.

I must have spent many hours searching for my ideal niche, purchasing books and reports that promised to help me find my particular area of expertise, and over the years I have tried to break into the fields of fitness, diets, mortgages, bodybuilding, bbqs, internet marketing and personal development.  I think it’s safe to say that I have failed to make inroads in any of these niche areas.  I have even produced videos showing others how to find their niche!  Continue reading

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What To Do or How To Do It?

I’m reading a book at the moment by Robert W. Bly with the catchy title of ‘How To Write & Sell Information Products For Profit And Fun’.  I enjoy writing, so I’m hoping that the contents of the book will inspire me on to greater things.

In one of the first chapters Robert talks about the most basic mistake made by even the most experienced writers – telling readers “what to do” instead of showing them “how to do it”.  A simple mistake like this can be very frustrating and annoying.  Most people know what they need to do, but lack the necessary skills or knowledge to actually do it.

Despite my best intentions I recently purchased a new product.  The advertising blurb talked about leading readers by the hand until the first profits were made.  The promises all sounded very genuine, so Mr Gullible (me!) parted with hard-earned cash and took receipt of the product.

Continue reading

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