My name is Graham Bray. I guess I’m well into mid-life, and am married to Wendy, a primary school headteacher, and we have two grown-up daughters, Fran and Fern.

I am a teacher by profession, and have taught in a variety of schools for nearly 25 years. My specialism is biology (I have a PhD in Biological Sciences) and I lead a large department of science and technology teachers.

In recent years I have become really passionate about developing multiple streams of income. I have a small property portfolio with four rented apartments, and despite the economic crash I’ve managed to maintain a healthy income.

The Forex market also interests me greatly, and I have tried a number of schemes, with some success. I would like to extend my Forex trading further, and the only thing limiting me is the number of hours in a day!

I am also trying to develop my own business, and I have science revision site(http://www.sciencerevisionvideo.com) that I have recently launched . The site contains links to a number of short revision videos that I have produced, and is the precursor to a much larger launch of complete Biology and Chemistry courses.  This launch will happen in the very near future.

The fourth stream of income, and to me the most important, is internet marketing. I have been a member of the Internet Marketing Review for a number of years, and have managed to launch a number of websites.

My aim is to become a successful internet marketer, and to gradually reduce my hours spent teaching as I move more into internet marketing.

My hobbies include fitness (running and weight training), football (I support Coventry City FC) and rugby union, motor racing, church activities, and gardening (to a very limited extent!).