Affiliate Marketing 101 – Lesson 3, Using Clickbank

 In the last video we considered the types of products that we could possibly promote as affiliates.  Research is key to future success, and I outlined the five areas that we need to consider before making our final decision.

One possibility is to go directly into Clickbank to find successful products that take your fancy.  The choice of product would then dictate the theme of the website and subsequent marketing.  So it’s really important that our decisions are based on sound statistics!

In Clickbank every product is supported with figures that give clear indications as to success or otherwise.  In this video I’ll be explaining what the figures mean, and what values we should be looking for in choosing a great affiliate product.

So click on the link below, take notes if necessary, and then use the information provided to explore the products on offer in Clickbank.  A range of search options are available, so take your time and really get a feel for the Clickbank experience.  You can’t become a successful affiliate marketer without doing your homework, so it’s well worth taking some time to really familiarise yourself with the site and the information contained therein.

Keep dreaming those big dreams,



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