How To Produce Your First Website With Blue Griffon (Bonus 1)

As promised in my previous blog post, here is a bonus video to really help get you started.

The concept of getting your work up onto the World Wide Web can be a little bit mind-blowing – just what is a domain name, and where do I purchase one? – I’ve been told that I need a hosting company, but I havn’t a clue about where to find one and what to do? – what on Earth is File Transfer Protocol????

Everybody who has ever yearned to develop an internet presence has been faced with these obstacles.  Amazingly, there are very few joined-together resources to guide you through the various processes.  It’s a bit analogous to somebody showing you how to start your car, somebody else showing you how to accelerate and steer, and yet another person giving you a crash-course (pun intended!) in braking.  It’s so much easier with a driving instructor who will take you through the whole training programme.

Through my training videos that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to provide.  I’ve had to learn everything along the way, and if some of what I do may appear very basic to established users it’s because the pain of many mistakes is still very clear in my memory.

This short bonus video shows you where to go to find my training materials, and it also describes which videos you should be looking at.  The training videos I produce are absolutely free, and access is immediate (there’s not even an opt-in form before you start downloading them!).

I hope my training videos are clear enough without further explanation – however, if you need further clarification on any point, or if you feel that I’ve missed key points that really would benefit from further explanatory videos then please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

To access the Bonus video simply click on the link below.   Thanks for watching!


p.s.  Now that I’ve completed the Blue Griffon video series I’m now working on the next project – a beginner’s guide to creating your first blog with WordPress.  The first videos will be out really soon!

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