How To Produce Your First Website With Blue Griffon (Part 6)

Good images are so important for an effective website.  Most of us are hardened visual learners, and we like to ‘see’ content on sites.  Images are also good in that they can be used as ‘links’ to other parts of the site, or even to different sites.

Getting hold of quality images is vitally important, and I always get my images from – this site has a vast selection of images at a very affordable price.

In this next video in the ‘Blue Griffon’ series I explain how to insert images into web pages, how to re-size them, and how to insert a second page.

Hopefully by now you are feeling more comfortable with the software, and as always I encourage you to have a ‘play’ with the various tools and see what you can come up with.  Before long I’m sure you’ll be exceeding my efforts, so I’d love to see your final products!

As always, if you have any questions at all about building your Blue Griffon pages then don’t hesitate to contact me at

To view the video simply click on the link below.


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