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I am an avid reader of any book related to business and internet marketing.  In this section I will be reviewing my favourite books, and I will include links to the product – just click on the link if I have inspired you enough to buy the book!


From Newbie to Millionaire – Internet Marketing Success System Explained Step By Step.  by Christine Clayfield

Wow – at 500+ pages this book really does give value for money! I’ve never come across a book about internet marketing that manages to cram so much content between the covers.

Christine openly admits that she is not a qualified writer, and the structure of the book doesn’t necessarily make it an easy read. In many ways, the book is best viewed as an encyclopedia of internet marketing. The table of contents is sufficiently detailed to enable anybody to find exactly what they want, whether it’s finding a niche, creating content or monetizing a site. The sections on attracting traffic are awesome!

To cap it all, there’s even a chapter towards the end on drop-shipping and e-commerce. This section really opened my eyes, and made me consider alternative pathways for my own internet marketing.

Christine includes links to a whole range of training videos – there’s just no excuse now for anybody not to get started!

In a short review it’s difficult to really do the book justice, but if you really are interested in setting up an internet marketing business then I recommend this book without reservation.




Living A Laptop Lifestyle  by Greg & Fiona Scott

Considering the size of the internet marketing arena, there are remarkably few published books that tell it exactly as it is. There are even fewer books that I would actually recommend!  In ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’ Greg and Fiona Scott have managed to clearly share with their readers the vision of a pathway to financial freedom. But be very clear – this is not a ‘how to’ guide, leading you by the hand to the website you always wanted. 

In many ways this book is a precursor to the nuts and bolts.  It makes you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and it encourages you to really assess whether or not you are really cut out to be an internet marketer. Greg and Fiona have developed their ‘Five Steps To Success Model’ to help readers develop a success mindset.

This is the sort of book that I wish I’d had access to when I first started out in internet marketing. If you’re considering an online business then I sincerely recommend that you have a look at ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’ – five stars from me!


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