Newbie To $350K by Rob Cornish – A Review

If you’re reading this blog post then a fairly reasonable assumption is that you have more than a passing interest in internet marketing.  If I’m correct in my assumption then it’s also fairly safe to say that you will have become aware of the constant bombardment through emails from ‘gurus’ who promise to turn you into an overnight internet marketing success.

Every day my junk inbox is full of emails urging me to buy ‘bright, shiny objects’ that will somehow miraculously change my life.  With so many charlatans and con artists out there it’s no wonder that newbies begin to despair of ever finding honest and trustworthy guidance.

I have been very fortunate in that just at times of real need the right mentor seems to have appeared.  First of all there was Chris Farrall, followed by the two Neils (Stafford and Travers) of the Internet Marketing Review

I’m going to add to my list of trusted mentors the name of Rob Cornish.  I first came across Rob through his Forex Trading product, and more recently it’s been really encouraging to see his progress in internet marketing circles.  He has only been involved in internet marketing since 2010, but already he is becoming recognised as a genuine up and coming expert.

Rob has very recently produced a product, Newbie to $350K, which is packed with relevant and clearly explained content.  I have been through the whole product and have subsequently produced a video review.  If you are serious about internet marketing then I recommend that you watch the video – just click on the link below to get immediate access.


Having watched the video you may want to have a look at the actual product – don’t worry, there’s a 30 day refund policy – but I’ll be amazed if you’re not 100% happy with Rob’s Newbie to $350K.

Enjoy the video, and keep dreaming those big dreams,


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