Accountability – A Key Element of Internet Marketing Success

Unless you’re a very exceptional person, everybody needs to be accountable to be successful.  If you’re a sports person then normally a coach will hold you accountable.  In your day job it will be your boss holding you accountable.  If you don’t have a boss then you’re still accountable to your clients and customers.  Internet marketing is no different – we need accountability.

I truly believe that being accountable can make all the difference between success and failure.  In internet marketing the lack of direct accountability is the main reason why people fail to complete and fulfil their potential. 

We need someone to answer to.  We need someone to turn to when things don’t turn out as we expected.  We need a ‘critical friend’.

This is the driving force behind slimming clubs.  It’s really a very simple concept.  You turn up, you’re measured, you receive guidance and support, you’re sent away with a measurable target for the next session.  How straightforward is that!

A subscription-based low-cost accountability programme.  It has a nice ring to it, and it also has great potential. 

Recently I was sent details about a site that encourages gym-users to maintain on-line contact with a coach who offers them weekly encouragement for about $12 a month.  As a regular gym user myself, I know how hard it can be to stay motivated, and the majority of gym members never consistently attend.

But with a regular email from an online coach progress can be checked and the next training programme developed.  It doesn’t take the coach more than 10 minutes to respond to requests, but the outcome can be very significant.

Such a simple model is easily transferable to other areas.  Internet marketing really lends itself to the on-line mentor approach.  Many people begin to develop on on-line business but only 5% ever achieve their first sale.  This enormous dropout rate represents a huge untapped market, just waiting to be filled.

Many people would really appreciate somebody ‘looking over their shoulder’, and offering tips and advice, perhaps every two weeks or so.  We all need someone to turn to!

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


p.s. if, having read my post, you feel that you would benefit from some occasional one-to-one mentoring, why not drop me an email using my contact page.  Let’s see if I can help!

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