Affiliate Marketing 101 – Lesson 1, Introduction

OK, here it is, the first lesson in the course I promised you.  We’re going to be studying the whole topic of affiliate marketing, from an initial study of what’s involved, to the final outcome of our own site linked to affiliate products – I hope you’re excited about this!

During our email exchange I said that we’d be taking everything step by simple step.  In this first video I’ll be explaining how we make money from affiliate marketing, but also cautioning you about expecting too much too soon.  Patience is the key word here.

I’ll then be outlining the personal cost to you in terms of investment, commitment, time and effort.  Very few mentors mention these costs, but I want to be totally up front with you so you’ll know exactly what our journey is going to be like – the rough bits and the smooth bits!

Finally, we will get really started with a look at what we need to do in terms of our initial research – the product, the market, the site, and marketing.

So I hope you’re ready for all of this!  Grab yourself a cup of coffee (I’ll be making this suggestion at many points during this course), have a notepad handy, and click on the video link below.

As I always say, keep dreaming those big dreams!


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