Affiliate Marketing 101 – Lesson 2, Product Research

I hope you managed to work your way through the first lesson in this series on Affiliate Marketing – don’t forget to send me an email if there’s anything that I didn’t explain clearly enough.

In this second video in the series I’m going to be focusing on the product.  I’ll be describing how we can categorise affiliate products into three possible types – physical, digital and lifetime residual.

In the video I will then help you to focus on the product research.  There are five possible approaches – keywords, domain names, competition in Google, Clickbank products, and niche selection.

At this early stage it would be a good idea to visit Clickbank and to have a browse around.  What products are available?  What sort of commission could you expect?  I guess it’s time you had a little homework!  In the next video I’ll be explaining in more detail what all the stats mean, but here I just want you to have a look – are there any products that fit in with any interests you might have?

If you havn’t got a clue what areas you’re particularly interested in then don’t worry – in a future video I’ll be showing you exactly how to find your interests and strengths.

In the meantime, click on the video link below, watch the content, start browsing through Clickbank and just have fun!

Keep dreaming those big dreams,


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