Affiliate Marketing: How To Find Your Niche.

Every so often I come across articles that really support what I’ve being trying to say on particular topics.  I am always very happy to include carefully selected articles on my blog, and I hope that you find the following contribution from Paul Evans to be stimulating and of interest.

Niche is a French word which literally means a focused portion or ones target market. Finding a niche is an affiliate marketer’s first, and probably the most important, step to take. If you choose your niche carefully and in a well-planned manner, everything will fall in to place; consequently. So, how exactly do you choose the perfect niche? 
Consider Your Interests
Before anything else, you should consider your hobbies and interests; you have to make sure that the niche you choose is something that you will enjoy working with. A lot of people often make the mistake of choosing a popular niche, something they are certain will really sell well. There is actually nothing wrong with that, but the thing is you may not be able to stick to that niche as you may find it that it is not for you. Moreover, if you are already interested on a certain topic, it is a lot easier to present it in such a way that it becomes really appealing to the public.
Many will say, that it is easier said than done because they feel like although they have certain hobbies, they are not necessarily experts in that field. The thing is’ you don’t have to be an expert. All it requires is for you to have enough interest and passion on a certain topic; it will be easy for you to do your research. You will not believe how easily you can find information about anything and everything online; and most of the time, they are absolutely free!
Doing Keyword Research really is fun!
Once you are done choosing possible niches based on your interests, verify if those niches will actually sell. You may think that the world should revolve around iguanas, but you have to make sure that the buying public online feels the same way. After all, they are the ones who reel in the money. You can verify a niche’s success in the market through keyword research.
A keyword is the word, or phrase, a person keys into the search boxes of search engines like Google or yahoo. There are tools that will give you a rough estimate of how many people use a certain keyword in a given period of time. This basically gives you an idea if there are enough people who are interested in your chosen niche.
Choosing a niche is easy, but it just requires you to work with diligence and patience. Remember that the key is research – constant and extensive research. That is the only way to make sure you choose the right niche; a niche that will interest you, and at the same time pull the money in.
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