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In my previous blog post I described my initial delusional state of building a website and expecting people to come.  No they didn’t, and why should they?  Where were the signposts to my site?  With so many sites to choose from, why should they look at mine?

Research repeatedly shows that position in Google is king.  If you’re not on the first couple of Google search pages then you really shouldn’t be bothering.  Where was my site? – somewhere on page 10,000 or beyond.  I got the message. 

So my mantras are now “Build that list” and “Build the list and they will come”.  

In order to build your list you’ve got to get the message out there.  It’s a bit like having a corner shop with very little passing trade.  How are you going to attract customers?  With a shop you could physically walk the streets handing out promotional leaflets or have a blimp tethered to the roof.

With internet marketing we have to be a little more subtle.  If we had loads of dosh then we could go down the Adwords avenue and pay for people to come.  However, if like me you’re a relative newcomer to the world of online marketing, then you won’t have the readies to splash around.

One really powerful marketing tool is the humble article.  An article is a relatively short piece of writing (between 350 and 700 words) about a subject of which you can speak with some authority.  An article is informative, but at the same time it leaves the reader wanting more.  They will hopefully then click on your link and visit your site.

When I first started writing articles I just submitted them to one site ( and waited for the miracle to happen.  Unsurprisingly it didn’t, and my site wasn’t deluged with visitors.

Recently I was introduced to the power of article distribution – more specifically, the power of  This is a subscription site that costs me around $55 a month, but I reckon it’s money well spent.  When I now submit an article it will be distributed to hundreds of article directories.

I’ve clicked on a number of these article directories and it’s a real thrill to see my work in so many places.  I guess I’ve written about ten articles so far, so it’s too early to really tell how successful they are, but my blog regularly receives in excess of 150 hits a day, so the message must be getting through somewhere.

So if you’re serious about developing your list then article writing is a must, and you really should consider using an article distribution site to spread your word.

What are you waiting for? – get writing!!


p.s.  If you’re a real newcomer to article writing, why not look at two articles I’ve written – ‘Article Writing For Newbies’ and ‘Developing Frames For Writing Articles’.  Hopefully these will get you started.

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    I agree with your assumption.

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