Be Realistic In Your Business Timescale!

I rarely get chance to watch television, and when I do there is usually only rubbish to watch.  However, last week proved an exception and I seemed to fill the recording space very quickly.

 My wife and I love documentaries, particularly those involving personal stories or business.  Our favourites are ‘The Apprentice’, ‘The Secret Millionaire’, and ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’.

I’m also a bit of a sucker for ‘Dragon’s Den’.  Watching some of the recorded programmes last weekend really got me thinking, particularly when Theo Paphitis was interviewing inventors with their potential products.

Without exception they exuded passion for their designs, and it was remarkable the lengths they would go to be successful.  Many had invested huge amounts of money and time, and there seemed to be no limits to their enthusiasm.  They believed in what they were doing, and obstacles just had to be overcome.

In contrast, many would-be internet marketers seem to think that success can be achieved with very little effort and very little financial commitment.  I find it really frustrating, and I become increasingly annoyed with the ‘gurus’ who promise you that you could make “$21,377 in 2 weeks” if you buy their $37 product and follow the simple instructions.

I’m as guilty as the next person.  I have fallen for the promises, and I have wasted money and time chasing the elusive quick fix.  It’s take me a long time to accept that there are no short cuts to wealth, and that anybody successful in business really has paid the price in terms of money and time.

The TV entrepreneurs really deserve to be admired.  Not for them the cheap product purchased off the internet promising great wealth. 

We really do need to follow their example and be passionate about what we do.  Internet marketing is about passion for the process, the development of the product.  It’s about creating top quality content and encouraging potential customers to our site.  It’s about learning the best marketing techniques and consistently applying effective strategies that will out-perform our competitors.

In fact, just three words sum up what it takes to be successful – effort, money and passion.  There are no short cuts, no silver bullets, just hours of commitment and training, and a real desire to be the best.

Do you have that desire?  Are you realistic?  If so, continue to dream those big dreams!


p.s. To be successful in your internet marketing business you really do need to invest in training.  I have invested both time and money in my ongoing education, and I have really benefitted.  I really recommend the products produced by my good friends Neil Stafford and Neil Travers at the Internet Marketing Review.  Just click on any of their products under ‘Recommended resources’ and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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