Beginner To Profit Has Arrived!

I repeatedly go on in my blog posts, newsletters and videos about the need to avoid the next “big shiny thing”.  You know, the new system that promises the earth and delivers absolutely nothing.  Just this morning I received an email promising “$593,381 in 79 days” – yeah, right, as if I really believe that hype!

But very occasionally you come across something that really is the bee’s knees.  I’ve known Neil Stafford and Neil Travers for a number of years, and they are two of the most honest and genuine guys in the internet marketing business.  Many people have benefitted from their support and guidance, and when they release a new product it’s time to take notice.  

So when I heard that their new system “Beginner to Profit” had been released I just had to have a look.  This really is a system for taking you from a position of absolute beginner with little if any knowledge of internet marketing to eventually having your own site with products and profits.

I’ve been working through the various sections of the system and already it’s helped me enormously.  For example, I have always stepped back from building my own blog site, but with the really clear guidance given by excellent videos (and not forgetting the quality PDF from Pete!) I have produced not one but two blogs.  Have a look:

I’m still developing both sites but I think they look very professional and appealing.  And with the guidance given in “Beginner to Profit” you could do exactly the same.  Of course there have been times when I’ve struggled, but another real benefit is the quality of support given.
I’ve also found that through the support I have been able to develop my own skills.  For example I’ve just had a problem with the contact page, and I emailed Pete.  He could have just taken over and fixed it, but instead he offered advice about what to do and I solved it myself.  The sense of achievement was enormous!

I’m still working through the “Beginner to Profit” system but I really enjoyed the section on finding a profitable niche and checking out the competition.  I’ve done some keyword research myself in the past, but I can now see a much better way forward and I’ll be saving myself hours and hours of wasted time.

When I complete the course in the next week or so I’ll definitely be giving the system a go.  I’ll report back through these posts as to my progress and you can judge for yourself whether or not I’ve been successful.

I’m continuing to dream those big dreams!


p.s. if you want to have a look at the “Beginner to Profit” system then why not click on any of the links or use the short cut under “Recommended resources” in the right hand panel of this page.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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