Build The List and They Will Come.

One of my favourite films is ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner.  It’s really uplifting, particularly the repeating refrain of “Build it and He will come”.  Eventually He does come, and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye because I can empathise so much with the character played by Kevin Costner.  However, in my early days of internet marketing a similar refrain nearly stopped me in my tracks.

You see, when I first started I would develop a product and then build a very rudimentary site and I would then wait for the dollars to pour in – isn’t this what everybody promised?  I sincerely believed that if I built it they would come.  People would flock to my website, read my sales pitch and then buy the product. 

The chances against anybody stumbling across my website were huge.  There are well over 300 million websites, and my site was such a little offering amongst a myriad of other sites promoting similar products.  My chances? – try zero!  It finally dawned on me that my primitive efforts were a complete and utter waste of time.  What a wake-up call!  Back to the drawing board.

I think it was Robert Allen who claimed to be able to make thousands of dollars in 48 hours from scratch.  A very audacious claim, and I followed it carefully.  I watched in detail as he developed his product.  He was just doing what I had done, so why the big news?  Then came the sucker punch – he had a list!  A list of thousands!

When he pressed the sell button his sales letter went out instantaneously to thousands of potential customers.  Slowly at first the orders came in, then the ordering gathered pace, until eventually, as promised, orders worth thousands of dollars poured into his account.

So, as often repeated, the power is in the list.  Some people will try to bypass the hard work by buying a list – big mistake!  It is far better to develop your own list and nurture the relationship with potential customers.  How many emails do you receive every day from unrequested sources?  What do you do with these emails?  I hope you delete them – they are nothing more than spam and are not deserving of your attention.

You must really appreciate the power of a developed list and work to develop your own.

Perhaps I should re-word the quote from ‘Field of Dreams’.  As an internet marketer perhaps I should really be saying;

“Build The List and They Will Come”

I like the sound of that! 

Looking forward to sharing another post with you soon,


p.s. If you really want to build that list and see your customer base growing, then you really need to follow the best advice.  I suggest you click on ‘New Power List Building’ in my Recommended Resources section on the right.  Produced by my good friends Neil Stafford and Neil Travers, it’s bursting with ideas for you to develop straight away!

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