Can You Really Make Money From Internet Marketing?

If you’ve been dabbling in the internet marketing scene for any length of time this is a question that I’m sure you’ve asked.  There just seems to be so many people out there pushing to offer advice, and promising you huge overnight riches from internet marketing businesses.

If, like me, you’ve fallen for a number of these scams and have been consistently disappointed, then I’m sure that you’ve considered the possibility that perhaps internet marketing isn’t for you.  I know I have, and over the past five years I have been like a yo-yo in and out of the internet marketing scene.

So when I was given the opportunity to interview Neil Stafford from the Internet Marketing Review my first question had to be:

“Is it really possible to make money from the internet marketing business?”  

I have known Neil and his business partner, Neil Travers, for several years, and as well as being highly respected within the Internet Marketing circles, I really do value their opinions and trust them 100%.  Neil is quite categorical in his assertion that, depending upon the type of business you run and the effort you put in, it certainly is possible to make money with an online business.

To give a wonderful example, in a recent post in the Internet Marketing Review discussion forum one of the members described how, after four-plus years of running a membership site, they finally sold it to a company for a “multiple six-figure amount”.  This sort of account is truly inspirational and should drive us all forward to achieve our goals.

Three key words really do tell the story – “four-plus years”. This business wasn’t an overnight success, and there was a lot of heartache on the journey.  But this is what it’s all about, and it’s what Neil constantly alluded to in our interview – persistent and focused effort.

There is no pathway to overnight success, and no easy way to riches.  Neil should know, he’s been in the Internet Marketing business since 1998!

So in answer to my question, the answer is “Yes!”, but not in the ways promoted by the ‘gurus’.  Success is about putting in the effort and maintaining the belief, and with success will come the financial rewards.

“Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.”    Winston Churchill

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”   Oscar Wilde

Keep dreaming those Big Dreams!


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2 Responses to Can You Really Make Money From Internet Marketing?

  1. dave says:

    Hi Graham thanks for the info on “Beginer to profit” (B2P)
    For one just starting off in this field $90 each month for 3 months is a lot to lay out, especially being inexperienced. Added to this will be hosting and domain costs WITHOUT knowing for sure you’ll get profits fairly quickly, to justify the costs.
    I’m aware of the guarantee but want to look at this possativly.
    Is there a cheaper way in the UK Not the US
    that give speedy “take by the hand” support?.

    • Graham Bray says:

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your comment – I’ll be sending an email to your ‘TalkTalk’ account, so look out for it!

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