Can You Really Make Money Online With Internet Marketing?

Every day we receive a number of unwanted emails, with dubious offers, ranging from millions of pounds in Nigerian bank accounts to ‘guaranteed’ ways of enhancing masculinity.

As you develop your internet marketing, you are almost guaranteed to receive a multitude of emails claiming to be able to make “$1000’s every week with your own internet health business” (or similar).

Most internet marketers have at some point succumbed to these offers, and have spent significant amounts of money on schemes that have turned out to be worthless. 

I know that I have, and it is comforting to see that even those considered to be amongst the most highly respected in the world of internet marketing have made similarly misjudged investments.

In his book “How I Made My First Million on the Internet” the great Ewen Chia really lays bare what sums of money can be lost in such ways:

Do you want to guess just how much money I blew?  Make sure you’re sitting down for this …….. I spent close to $50,000 trying to unearth the key to that door I was banging my head against in a desperate effort to gain financial freedom …….and I charged most of that $50,000 to credit cards.”

Frightening stuff!  So many people online teach how to make money, when all they really are doing is trying to sell lame products.  

Can you actually make money online?  Yes you can, but it takes time, and you have to be committed to following a system that has proven itself to be successful.  In the video below I begin to unravel the secrets of such a system, so click on play and let me explain ………….

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