Commitment – A Key Element of Internet Marketing Success

To be a successful as an internet marketer I believe that there are three key elements;

• Commitment
• Desire
• Accountability

With these three elements working in harmony, anything is possible.  However, without one or even two of these elements, success is impossible.  I want to expand on these three elements over the next couple of blog posts, and I’ll start with commitment.

To excel at anything – be it a sporting challenge, or an academic pursuit, or a business venture such as internet marketing – real commitment is required.  It is not sufficient to be mediocre, because the mediocre runner never wins the race, and the mediocre internet marketer never gets the sales.     

The single most important factor in individual success is COMMITMENT.  Commitment ignites action.  To commit is to pledge yourself to a certain purpose or line of conduct.

With internet marketing there are perhaps more distractions that may cause our commitment to waiver.  In our pursuit of potential sales, there is always the next bright thing. The new system that appears on the market, and promises to generate thousands of dollars every week.

We need to focus upon one strategy and be committed to it.  We need to develop loyalty, and avoid potential distractions, however appealing they may be.  I have been guilty in the past of drifting from one system to the next, and it is no surprise that my efforts did not bear fruit.

Ewen Chia, in his book ‘How I Made My First Million On The Internet’ openly admits that he spent close to $50,000 on different systems trying to unearth the key that would give him financial freedom.

To be truly committed one actually needs to make an investment.  When you have financially invested in something you are much less likely to walk away.  There is too much to lose, and it is potentially too painful not to be continue.

I have made a number of financial commitments in order to have a better future.  I have a number of investment properties, I have invested in a top-quality Forex trading system, I have invested in my tuition centre, and I have made a significant investment in my internet marketing business.

I cannot walk away – I have invested too much to lose everything.  Property prices may stumble, the markets may fall, my students may drift away, but I have to persevere.

My commitment to internet marketing is total.  It is what I want to do, and I want to be successful.  So I am committed.

How about you?  Where’s your investment?  Have you taken that critically important first step towards a brighter future?  If not, now is the time to take action and avoid the affliction called procrastination.

You need to dream big dreams!


p.s.  If you really want to step out of the rat race and make a better future for yourself and your family, you need to find a strategy that works for you.  I really recommend that you have a look at the Internet Business Start Up Kit produced by my good friends Neil Stafford and Neil Travers.  Just click on the link under ‘Recommended resources’ on the right hand side.

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