Desire – A Key Element of Internet Marketing Success

Do you have the necessary desire or determination?  How determined are you to be successful in your internet marketing business?  Now I mention it, how determined are you to be successful in anything you do?  Look back at what you’ve done so far in your life and consider your success rate.

Were you determined to complete those exams, reach the required grades and get the place on your chosen college course?   Were you determined to stick to your training so you could complete that marathon?  Were you determined to be a good parent and bring your children up to be decent individuals?  

Or does your desire and determination falter as soon as the going gets tough?  Did you give up on that diet plan after one week because you had a craving for junk food?  Did you abdicate your parental responsibilities as soon as your offspring decided to kick back against your authority?

Internet marketing, like any challenge in life, requires desire and determination.  You must really want to succeed.  You’ve got to push through the hours and hours of grind, pumping out the blog posts, articles, videos, etc.  You’ve got to be determined to be in it for the long run, and not to give up after the first couple of months or even weeks.

You’ve got to be determined not to go chasing the next shiny bright thing.  Stick to your chosen plan and see it through.  How much do you really want to be successful?  How strong is your desire? 

I make no excuses here for using one of my all-time favourite passages.  It tells the story of Socrates and his student, and how, when asked for access to his knowledge, Socrates put his student to the test to find out how strong was his desire.

A young man approached the philosopher, Socrates, and said, “Socrates, teach me what you know.”  The great teacher looked at the young man and said, “Do you really want to know all that I know?”   “Oh, yes teacher, I do,” the student replied.

“Then walk with me for a while,” Socrates said.  So they walked for a while in silence.  The learned philosopher slipped his arm around the young man’s shoulder and guided him off the path and into the shallow waters of a lake.  The young man thought that this was a strange way for the philosopher to teach him what he knew, but after all, he was Socrates, so the student decided to go along with what was happening.

They continued to walk into the water; it rose to their ankles, then knees and hips, until finally they were standing in water to their shoulders.  Suddenly the arm that was around the young man’s shoulders tightened around his neck and pulled him underneath the water’s surface.  This was a very strange way to teach the student what he wanted to know, but this was Socrates, after all, so he submitted.

He grabbed a breath before he went under, so he wasn’t bothered for the first fifteen or twenty seconds, but after about 30 seconds he wondered when Socrates would let him up.  He gave a signal to indicate that he had been under long enough and wanted to get out.

Another few seconds and the young man began to fight for all he was worth.  He kicked and clawed and scratched, but the hold was strong and he began to lose his strength.  At that moment Socrates pulled him out of the water and dragged him to the shore where he began to revive him.

When he caught his breath, angry and confused, the student looked into the face of one of the greatest philosophers of all time and said, “What was that all about?”

Socrates looked into his eyes and said, “When you desire to know what I know as much as you just desired to live, then you will know”.

How strong is your desire and determination?  Will you continue with your internet marketing even when it seems nothing but an uphill struggle?  Or are you a quitter ………?   If you want to be a winner, then quitting is not an option.

Dream big dreams,


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