Developing My Niche Idea

So, as a result of circumstances, I now have a niche!  I have linked together my training as a teacher and a scientist with my passion for video production and internet marketing, to produce an online science revision course – if you’re interested, take a look at the site:

It’s in first-draft form and will be improved, possibly as a WordPress site, as the marketing progresses.  I made the site using Blue Griffon software, and my Blue Griffon training videos were really helpful – I hadn’t realised how much I’d forgotten in just a couple of months.  It must be an age thing!

Building the website is the first step, and in many ways the most creative.  I enjoy building blogs and sites, but the next step – marketing the niche – is where I’m on a steep learning curve.  Every internet marketer has their preferred marketing methods, and for me it’s about finding the optimum markets and really focusing my efforts.

As part of my initial foray into marketing I have created a YouTube channel specifically to locate my revision videos.  Each video has a direct link back to the site.
I’ve tried to make the product as adaptable as possible.  The first batch of videos are very much targeted towards the International GCSE market (an internationally-recognised award for 16 year-old students), and I’ll be making direct contact with schools abroad (i.e. not UK) where the iGCSE is taught.  My database is growing by the day!

I’m also very interested in developing a market in North America, but my knowledge of the various curricula is non-existent, so I’ve joined a couple of discussion forums to get an insight into the US education system.  I will then re-record and adapt the videos for a different market.

Very exciting times! – I find myself waking up even earlier these days with loads of ideas swirling around in my head.  I really must keep the notepad next to my bed to jot down my thoughts before the pressures of the day erase them from my over-worked brain.  It’s so important to record these ideas and to work on them.
I’m not a great fan of Salvador Dali, but he certainly had some wonderful ideas.  The story goes that when he was dozing in a chair he would hold a spoon in his hand just above a glass.  As he fell asleep, so the spoon dropped.  The resulting clatter woke him up, and he immediately drew whatever was in his head.  If you’ve seen a collection of his art then it’s not difficult to see this dream-state being reflected in his paintings!

I’m not suggesting that you adopt such an extreme approach as Dali, but keep that pen and pad handy, and jot down your ideas whenever they arise.

Keep dreaming big dreams,


p.s. if you’re in the process, like me, of developing your marketing strategy then it’s so important to keep up to date with the latest thinking.  Every month I receive the Internet Marketing Review newsletter, and it’s always packed full with ideas.  I really do recommend membership of the IMR, and to get your trial offer just click on the link below.

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