Developing Your Internet Marketing Through Videos

In my previous blog I spoke about the rapid growth in video traffic, and how every savvy internet marketer is looking to get a video presence through sites such as YouTube.  I also talked about the ease with which videos can be produced, using software such as Camtasia or its free alternative, CamStudio.

YouTube is easily the most popular depository of online videos, and once you’ve created your first video it is relatively straight forward to upload it to your account.  The next step is to start developing a channel through which viewers, and potential customers, will find your videos.

My channel is called, not surprisingly, ‘Easier Internet Marketing’, and contains all the videos that I have produced to support potential internet marketers in their development of sites and products.  If you have a number of videos aimed at different products then it would make sense to have a number of aptly-named channels.  

As the number of videos I have uploaded increases, so has the number of viewers subscribing to my channel.  In return I have looked at their channels, and where I have found them to be relevant and interesting then I have returned the subscription favour.  It’s all about getting your name known out there as a producer of quality video products!

Other advantages of having your own YouTube channel include the opportunity to create your own profile with a link back to your own site, and you could also start creating playlists from other people’s content that may be of interest to your viewers.

Another possibility is to put selected videos together into a series, much like you would see on TV.  In fact, why not create your own TV channel!  World TV is a great resource for showing off your video content in TV format, with full-screen options.  All you have to do is to set up a free account, and then upload selected videos into a TV channel that you create.  Have a look at my World TV channel and see what I mean:

I’m still exploring the possibilities, but it really does seem like an exciting addition to my internet marketing strategies.

So why not have a go at producing your own videos and uploading them?  Start small, develop the necessary skills, and before long you will have your own YouTube and World TV channels – how exciting is that!

Keep dreaming big dreams,


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