Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #1

It’s all well and good to read blog posts or articles, or watch training videos, but sometimes all you want is a concise document to read that summarises all the key information on a particular topic in an easily readable format.  Welcome to the first issue of my Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter!

The newsletter will be a regular and free publication, and in every issue I will be focusing upon a particular theme and expanding upon the key facts and resources that will help internet marketers to develop their online business.

In issue #1 of the Easier Internet Marketing newsletter my focus is on list building, and I explain why a list is so important to your internet business, how you can adapt your blog or website to capture names for your list, and how you can drive traffic to you site.  I also include a couple of references to suitable resources that I think will help you in the list building process.

To download your free copy of the newsletter simply click on the link on the right hand side of my site.  You’ll then get instantaneous access to issue #1 in pdf format.

As I said, the newsletter is FREE, and I hope you find it of use.  In return, I would really welcome your comments. What do you think of the newsletter?  How could it be improved?  What would you like to see as the focus in future issues?  Either leave a comment below this post or email me using the Contact page of my site.

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


p.s. Your comments really will help me to improve the product and so improve the quality of material I can produce for you – please leave a comment or contact me direct!

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