Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #4

Hot off the press!  You wait for a newsletter and suddenly two appear within a very short period of time!  Following on from the publication of issue #3 of my newsletter I’m very pleased to announce that issue #4 is now ready for download.  Just click on the link on the right hand side of this page to access your free copy.

The focus in this issue is blogging.  Many successful internet marketers now have flourishing blogs, and there are some excellent sites to be found.  In the newsletter I start off by describing why people blog – there are many sound reasons, but basically we all have a need to express ourselves!

Setting up a blog is relatively easy, and it enables a virtually instantaneous web presence.  I have included two links to the most popular blogging software, and have given my views as to the suitability of both.  Getting the content right is a must, so I have also given a few pointers as to what to include.

Finally, don’t let the thought of having to create loads of blog content hold you back.  There are many sources of content, and at the end of the newsletter I briefly describe some of these.  In the next newsletter I will elaborate on how to find and use suitable content.

Happy reading!


p.s. if there’s a topic that you would really like to see included in a future newsletter then why not drop me a line via my contact page?  I always appreciate receiving your requests and comments.

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