Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #6

Of all the ways to produce a free gift for potential customers, writing an e-book is perhaps the most popular choice. A professional-looking e-book really says a lot about you, and provides your readers with a clear indication of the sorts of quality products they could expect from you in the future.

But for a newcomer to internet marketing, the production of an e-book can seem like a very daunting prospect.  How do you begin to write an e-book, and what can you do if you really haven’t got a writers’ streak in you? 

In Issue #6 of the Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter I really have tried to allay some of these fears.  In the first instance I define what an e-book actually is, and then go on to explain that the whole process can actually be out-sourced.  More and more people are turning to freelance writers, and this has the benefit of taking the worry away from you so that you can focus upon other marketing issues.

I then go on to describe the basic structure of your e-book, with a personal plea to make sure your graphics look good – there’s nothing more off-putting than shoddy and cheap-looking images.

Choosing your title is a task that needs really careful consideration, and I mention a couple of ideas for making your title really zing.

You also need to make your e-book user-friendly, and simple steps such as numbering the pages and including a table of contents can really turn your e-book into a product that will have your readers asking for more.

At the end of the newsletter I’ve sourced a couple of really great articles to get you thinking more about your e-book, and the potential benefits that could come your way.

To access your free copy of the Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #6 simply click on the link on the right hand side of this page.  I appreciate your feedback, so please leave a comment if possible, and don’t forget to send me your requests for future issues.

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p.s. If this is the first time that you’ve accessed my newsletter, then why not look at previous issues?  Each issue is ‘themed’ and they all contain great tips to help you on the way to be a successful internet marketer.

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