Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #8

I know that I keep on and on about this, but as a teacher I am always trying to ensure that my message is delivered in a variety of ways in order to suit the different learning styles of my students.

The same applies to communication with potential customers.  Don’t always assume that the written word is the preferred means of communication for all.  Sometimes the visual experience of a video clip is preferred, or at other times we just may want to listen.  There’s many a time when I’d rather have the radio on than the television! 

In issue #8 of the Easier Internet Marketing newsletter I address the topic of communication styles, and in particular I focus upon two – video and audio.  By including these in your marketing toolbox you are ensuring that visitors to your site have a range of sensory inputs, and you are also making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Too many marketing sites limit themselves to just the written word.  Pages of text, and any free gift is usually an eBook – not very original!  Let your imagination loose and consider how you can make the experience of visiting your site a more stimulating one.

Not so long ago it would have seemed prohibitively expensive to have made videos or audio recordings.  But this is no longer the case. Much of the software you need can be downloaded for free, and your local electronics store will have a range of flip cameras and microphones to suit any pocket.

Have a look around my site – you’ll find a number of videos and audio recordings.  Have a look at a few of them and consider what you could do – probably a lot better than me!

Have a read through Issue #8 of the newsletter and don’t be afraid to have a go.  Hearing your own voice may seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it, and the newsletter describes how you don’t need to be in front of a camera in order to produce a video. 

Have some fun!


p.s. To read Issue #8 just click on the link on the right hand side of this blog.  As always, I really do appreciate receiving your comments and emails.  Let me know if there’s any topic you would like me to cover in future issues of the newsletter.

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