Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter #9


Every day I get bombarded with emails about products that promise to make me loads of cash in a very short time.  The letters on my ‘Delete’ button are starting to wear off because I hit it so often with perhaps too much venom!

Having succumbed to so much rubbish in the past, I am now highly selective as to what products I have a look at, let alone purchase.  These days I tend to only consider products from people I know, or have been referred to by highly trustworthy sources.

You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that if I review anything it must have passed my strict censure procedures in the first place!  I will not review anything unless I can vouch 100% for the source. 

In the latest Easier Internet Marketing Newsletter I review three products from guys I know 100% and thoroughly trust.  The first product, Beginner to Profit, is produced by Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review.  Neil has been very active in the internet marketing circles since 1998 and is highly respected.

In his new B2P product Neil slowly and methodically describes how to set up your own profit-producing site in a short space of time.  No prior knowledge is required, and Neil is an expert at delivering just the right amount of information without any fancy overload.

The second product Online Video Champ is produced by the second Neil, Neil Travers.   Neil-T is the partner of Neil-S in the Internet Marketing Review and what he doesn’t know about online video marketing just isn’t worth knowing!  I would highly recommend that you look through the free video tasters that Neil has produced.  If you’re not won over by Neil’s infectious enthusiasm for video marketing then you need to get your pulse checked!

The final product is How To Get More Customers F.A.S.T. produced by my friend and fellow member of the IMR, Jon Martin.  In this DVD Jon carefully dissects the key elements needed in a successful advertising campaign and uses the four letters in the F.A.S.T. acronym to cleverly weave together a hands-on process which is ideal for the small business owner.

Much more detail about these three products can be found in the newsletter.  Just click on the link on the right-hand side of the page to download your free copy

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p.s.  If, having read the newsletter you are still a little doubtful about anything I’ve written and want further reassurance then please don’t hesitate to contact me at support@easierinternetmarketing.com

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