Finding Your Niche – Are You Trying Too Hard?

For would-be internet marketers, one of the most frustrating things when starting out is to find a suitable niche.  Just what are you going to focus on?  What could you possibly choose that would be of interest to others?  Many ‘expert guides’ have been written about finding your niche, and the majority repeat the tried and trusted formula of Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Trends, Market Samurai, etc.

But have you ever considered that perhaps you’re trying just a little bit too hard?  Is that perfect niche just there right in front of you, but you’ve overlooked it in your panic to follow every piece of ‘expert guidance’?  I know that I’ve been guilty of this in the past. I’ve tried every suggested strategy – mind-mapping, blue-sky thinking, thinking outside of the box.  You name it, I’ve tried it!

My niche interests have included various aspects of fitness (weight training and bodybuilding), BBQ recipes, personal finances, building websites, and astronomy.  I have created blogs and written posts, developed products, and authored articles.  I have written with interest, but perhaps never with passion.  The last word is perhaps the most important – to write extensively and with expertise, you really do need to have a passion about your chosen niche.

Sometimes we look without seeing.  The obvious niche area may well be staring us back in the face.  I recently had such a revelation, and it has made me completely re-think the direction of my internet marketing efforts for the future. Following guidance from my mentor, Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review, I produced an analysis of potential niche areas under the headings of ‘Work/background, Hobbies, Interests, Ideas’.  Without thinking I virtually discarded the first of these – my work and background. 

In my day job I am a science teacher.  I have been a teacher for over 27 years, and have reached the top of my profession.  There are very few science teachers around with my level of experience and expertise.  So why wasn’t I tapping in to this?  Why was I wasting time and effort on other niche areas of which I knew very little.

Sometimes it just takes a nudge to point us in the right direction.  In my next post I’ll share with you the source of my nudge, and how it has galvanised me into taking action that is now occupying more of my life than I ever expected!

Speak to you soon,


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