First Steps In Marketing My Niche

Previous blog posts have described how I developed my new niche using the range of skills I already had, but had previously over-looked.  It’s a bit frustrating to think that I must have spent the best part of twelve months trying a range of different niche areas before realising that the perfect niche was right in front of my nose.

It’s now all about developing my new site ( and getting it in front of prospective markets.  I need to target workers in the education markets, and they’re not perhaps the sort of customers that are influenced by conventional marketing.  I should know – as the head of a large science department, I get bombarded everyday with advertising for products that I can’t afford from my meagre budget.  The vast majority of postal advertising goes straight into my bin, and emails are quickly deleted.

So there’s the problem.  I have a product which I believe in, but how can I get teachers and tutors to even have a look?  A couple of years ago I produced a DVD to help schools develop student feedback.  I sent free copies to every school in my county, together with an evaluation sheet and a stamped and addressed envelope for returns.  Imagine how disappointing it was to receive not one response!

Teachers are a fickle bunch, and I speak from many years of experience.  When asked to do anything new, the guaranteed response will always include some reference to a lack of time.  To a non-teacher, this must seem laughable – my brother in law (a builder) is always reminding me about how long my holidays are, how short my days seem to be, and how I don’t really work for a living.

I love my brother in law dearly, but he really doesn’t have a clue.  Yes, we do have long holidays, for which I am very grateful, but the school day is a real in-your-face experience.  My wife and I both work in education, and during term time our average working day is about 14-15 hours, and this is six days a week.

So when teachers talk about ‘time’ I know absolutely where they are coming from.  This could be seen as the Achilles heel of any marketing strategy, but it could also provide a real focal point and a way to get noticed amongst the everyday dross.

We constantly talk in internet marketing about keywords, and for my niche the keyword must be ‘time’.  It’s a keyword I will be considering next!

Keep dreaming those big dreams,


p.s. I now have a focus for my marketing strategy, but how do you develop yours?  For a real in-depth guide that will take you through the whole process from initial idea to marketed product I heartily recommend the Internet Business Start Up Kit, produced by my mentor Neil Stafford.  Neil is probably the top internet marketer in the UK, and he really does know what he is talking about! For more details, simply click on the image below!

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