From Small Internet Beginnings …..

Whenever we start out on a new business adventure we want to be successful.  The first stages are always so exciting – we dream of making it big, and ultimately benefitting from the rewards that our efforts will have produced.  We daydream about what we will do with our enhanced income and how the business will grow.

But business life isn’t so simple.  For many people the initial surge of enthusiasm rapidly wanes, and the latest idea is simply shelved along with the other great plans that we had in the past …… and we move on to the next shiny adventure promised by the internet marketing ‘gurus’ with their lure of “$24,572 a month”.  Hamsters and spinning wheels come to mind.

If my words above resonate with you then it’s time to put a halt to wasted effort and really focus on turning your dream into reality.

Every morning I start off with a daily reading – normally a few words on a bible passage.  Now before you start switching off thinking I’m some sort of religious nut I ask you to wait and read on.  The passages are full of wisdom and advice that we ignore at our peril.

The passage I read this morning was titled “Are you just beginning?”, and started off with the following sentence:

“Everything big begins with something small, and you attitude in the beginning often determines your success in the end.”

The passage goes on to describe the beginnings like a tiny seed, and urges us not to destroy our seed by doubting its potential.  We need to take that seed – our initial idea – plant it, nourish it, and encourage it as it grows.  A lot of us throw our seed away.    If it doesn’t bring immediate success then we tend to despise it, and if we do that then we tend to diminish its potential; we take no notice of it, we don’t care for it, and ultimately we lose it. And once lost, we will never enjoy the harvest.

With our internet projects we need to be content with small beginnings.  We must be patient, be expectant, and we must keep moving forward.  Today’s passage concluded with the words:

“Do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward.  For you have need of endurance ….. so that you may receive the promise.”

Imagine your internet business as a tiny acorn.  Given time, care and encouragement it will grow into a huge and mightily productive oak tree.  If you give up too soon and move on to the next shiny new object then your acorn seedling will die, along with any potential it may have had.
So persevere with your ideas and commit to the long run.  If your attitude is right from the beginning then you will be successful!

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


p.s.  If you’re in this internet business adventure for the long haul then you really do need support.  It can be a really lonely pathway, and there will be many times when you stumble over obstacles and feel like quitting.  At times like these you need to be able to turn to others for guidance and advice.  I belong to the Internet Marketing Review and I can’t imagine my journey to success without the support of the IMR members.  Their contributions to the discussion forum are legendary!

I really do recommend that you have a look at the trial membership – simply click on the link below and you’ll get immediate access.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed, and look out for me on the forum!

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