Getting Started With Internet Marketing – Stage 1

In a previous blog post I outlined the four stages of getting started with internet marketing.  The first stage involves putting the processes in place and getting established. 

In his book ‘Creating Wealth’ Robert Allen refers to stage 1 as the prelaunch or preparation stage.  Sadly he concludes that few wealth seekers ever get past this stage of the game.

Preparation involves laying down the foundations for your business, and we all know that a house built on dodgy foundations will not stand for long!  Preparation means studying and learning.  It means reading books, going to seminars, and not being afraid to ask questions. 

I’m an absolutely firm believer in life-long learning.  As a teacher it saddens me when I see students leave school or college and think that they are done with learning.  Unfortunately it’s also a bit of a gender thing, and men lag behind women in their willingness to learn new things.

I referred to this as the ‘menoporsche’, and if middle-age men really do want to be successful then they’ve got to push themselves past the lethargy of life.
Stage 1 is also a time to set realistic goals and prepare ourselves mentally for lift off.  It’s a time for many small, practical, mundane, seemingly insignificant actions that slowly compound our grand intentions into the realities of grand deeds.

Why do the majority of people never get past this stage?  Because they expect instant results with minimum effort!  They expect to put up a web presence and just wait for the money to pour in.  I should know, that’s what I originally thought!

Stage 1 takes time, effort and sacrifice with little sign of reward.  It’s about building your web presence with quality content.  If you’ve got a blog then it’s about publishing blog posts at least three times a week.  It’s about producing at least one article a week and sending it to a distribution service.  It’s about being bold enough to put videos up on Youtube.  And it’s also about not getting disheartened when the list is slow to grow and nobody requests your free ebook!

Building your web presence takes time – we’re talking months here, not days or weeks.  The really successful internet marketers talk about the early days, the first six months when there were no sales or lists.

Stage 1 requires great perseverance and commitment.  If you’re going to succeed in the marathon then you’ve got to persist during the early stages of training when it’s too tempting to relax in front of the fire.  I know, because I’ve completed marathons and I’ve put in the training.

So persist.  In the end the rewards will come, but only if you put in the effort during the early days – put your sights on the end game and accept that investing time and effort in Stage 1 will ultimately pay off in the end.

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


p.s. if you’re really serious about getting started in internet marketing then I highly recommend the Internet Business Start Up Kit produced by Neil Stafford and Neil Travers.  What they don’t know about internet marketing just isn’t worth knowing about!  Click on the link under ‘Recommended resources’ to find out more.

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