Getting Started With Internet Marketing – Stage 2

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and looking back at my various ventures, including internet marketing, there are a number of things that I wish I’d been told at the very beginning.  The information wouldn’t have put me off anything I’ve done, but I would have been more realistic in my expectations.

When I started my internet marketing business I expected everything to happen at my pace.  Having built a website and created a product, I expected potential customers to instantly be attracted to my site, and that profits would rapidly follow.  

Time for a reality check – it just doesn’t happen that way.  Developing a successful online business takes a lot of time and a lot of commitment.

In a previous blog I described how the first stage in marketing, ‘Getting Established’, can take months, not days or weeks.  This first stage was all about laying the foundations and putting in place everything that is needed to establish a successful web presence.

The second stage is all about traffic growth.  By this stage a blog has been established, with some quality content.  A few comments may have been received, and possibly some regular readers. 

The growth face may last anything from three months to possibly two years, and is marked by traffic growth, list subscriber growth, and the start of some income generated by the blog.  The emphasis at this stage continues to be traffic growth which is created by regular quality content plus the addition of quality back links.

Robust back links come in the form of guest posts on other peoples’ blogs, and natural back links (someone links to your site because they like what you have to say).  It is important to establish links with other content publishers and develop mutual back links with them.

Back links may serve two purposes – (1) they drive traffic to your blog, and possibly increase your list, and (2) these back links help your search engine status, which is crucial.

In ‘Creating Wealth’ the author Robert Allen referred to the second stage as the ‘struggling stage’.  There is always a temptation to find an easier, quicker route.  The secret is to persist.  The growth may be slow, but the goal is to be consistent.  Some blogs may race through this stage, but for the majority of us the process is longer and more demanding.

Keep dreaming those big dreams!


p.s.  In my blog post ‘Accountability –A Key Element of Internet Marketing Success’ I outlined the need for support through accountability.  If you’re struggling with this second stage and traffic growth, and need some support to keep going, then why not get in touch with me via my contact page – I’d be happy to help!

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