Getting Started With Internet Marketing – Stage 3

The third stage in internet marketing is where we start to see rewards for all our efforts.  The money isn’t going to be flooding in, but we should definitely see significant growth in income.

If stage 2 was the lift-off, or struggling stage (as defined by Robert Allen) then stage 3 is where we begin to level off and achieve a certain orbit.  To stay with the spaceship analogy, we see this stage as reaching our required orbit, but we continue to move forwards and onwards. 

In most business cycles this maturation stage still involves growth, but achieving the same growth rate doesn’t require as much effort.  We still continue to produce quality content for our own blog as well as other blogs (guest blogs), but we can now also put effort into refining the monetisation of our own site.

To put this into our time scale, we’re probably looking at a minimum of six months or longer, perhaps even over a year or two.

It’s now time to look beyond the cycle of regular blogs, articles, video, etc and perhaps consider other forms of marketing such as affiliate programs, endorsements, joint ventures, ad placements and pay per click.  By this stage money will be coming in, and we can utilise these funds to develop the potentially more lucrative paid marketing.

A space ship in orbit can adjust its’ course by very small bursts from tiny rockets.  The large boosters that were utilised to get it off the launch pad and into orbit have done their job, and only relatively tiny forces are needed to make changes.

In a similar way, during the third stage of internet marketing we have to constantly make small changes.  Our strategies are tweaked and refined, we respond to feedback, and make necessary adjustments.  Which advertisement is working best?  What is it about this ad that brings in the additional traffic?   By changing words or phrases can we make the ad work even more effectively? 

In orbit the astronauts can look back at the Earth, see how far they’ve come, and really start to relax a bit.  There’s still work to be done, but the worry and fear of lift-off is just a memory, and what were new and challenging tasks now become routine.

In the third stage of internet marketing we can begin to enjoy some of the fruits of our hard work of the previous months, or even years.  It’s time to see the fulfilment of some of those big dreams!

Until next time, continue to dream


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