Getting Started With Internet Marketing – Stage 4

Here we have reached the final stage, the reward for all our efforts.  It should be the ambition of every internet marketer to reach this stage, as it is here that there is significant income potential.

In the previous three stages the ground work should have been done.  From the early, embryonic, stage when we’re starting out and struggling to get a web presence, through to the second stage when we receive perhaps our first comments and / or sales, to the third stage of monetisation, tweaking and refining, all this has required a significant effort, and only the dedicated few will have got so far.

I talked previously about the space flight analogy, and we can continue this theme here.  A space ship in steady orbit is analogous to the marketer in the late third stage or through into the fourth stage.  Momentum can be maintained with very little effort, and some marketers fall into the trap of letting their blogs deteriorate with regards to quality and perhaps quantity of content.

A space ship will stay in orbit, but eventually the pull of the Earth will cause an inevitable fall into re-entry and potential burn-up.  The same is true of our blogs – with no further input, no matter how successful we’ve been, the blog will inevitably fail.

At the fourth stage blogs still need to be maintained.  Once at this stage blogs have almost reached a self-sustaining point where the readers continue to grow and spread the word without your encouragement to do so.  But content is still required, albeit not in the same quantity as it was in previous growth stages.

During the fourth stage, in order to keep the site fresh and appealing to new readers, it would be advantageous to carry out an ‘audit’ of progress.  Has the blog really achieved everything you originally intended?  Are there elements of the blog that could be improved or amended?  Could the marketing of the blog be improved – have you explored every possible avenue?  Are the comments left by readers requiring assistance with topics that could be rich pickings for future content?

Blogs are organic, and like any living thing they need to be nourished, fed, and not neglected.  In return for your efforts the blog could provide career replacing income, and wasn’t this our initial goal?  Most blogs don’t reach this stage, because it requires effort.  But for those with the real determination and perseverance to stick with it, upon them will be heaped the rewards.

Until next time, continue to dream big dreams,


p.s.  If you’re still on the launch pad, and that journey into orbit seems distant and full of unknowns, then you need to make sure that you have every necessary tool at your disposal.  You need to take a look at the Internet Business Start Up Kit.  Just click on the link under ‘Recommended resources’ and you’ll find everything you could ever need for a successful launch in one easy package.

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