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Developing an Internet Marketing business can be a very long and progressive journey, so it’s really great to see milestones achieved along the way.  A recent milestone has been the publication of one of my posts on another bolg.  Yes, I’m now a ‘Guest Blogger’!   Michelle Jayes of Online Income Business very kindly accepted my offering, and for me it’s a big moment.

Michelle herself is no slouch when it comes to writing quality content.  Below is a post she has written about making article writing really simple.  I hope you enjoy it!

Steps to Follow That Make Article Writing Really Simple

Whether you have just started out as a legitimate online business entrepreneur or you have been around for a while, one of the best methods to build a successful online business and also one of the cheapest ways to become known as an expert in your field, to brand yourself and generate targeted traffic to your website is through article marketing.

  If you are afraid of article writing, these simple writing tips should get you started and in no time at all you will find the task really enjoyable:

1. The first thing you must do is to find a topic related to your particular business niche. Once you have a topic write down ten reasons why someone should buy your product or service. When you have your ten reasons written down write a small paragraph on each one of them and explaining why in more detail. 

2. Write an introductory paragraph that introduces your ten reason list. For example if your ten reasons are related to eating a healthy diet, you could begin by mentioning how being overweight affects your general health and wellbeing and how the lack of energy makes everything seem difficult to do. Then continue with how changing your eating plan improved your life.

3. After the opening paragraph you will add in the paragraphs related to the ten reasons, and the closing paragraph of your article will be used to sum up everything you have written in the article up to this point. This is the part where you also encourage your reader to take action on everything you have just discussed with them.

Congratulations you have just completed an online article writing exercise! Now all you need to do is get the article published to your online home based business blog or website and you have started the first step towards building a business.

If after reading this you still feel unhappy about writing your own articles, or you are limited by the time you have available for article writing, you do have the choice of hiring a ghost writer to do the writing for you and you can still benefit from article marketing. The ghost writer you hire will write unique articles for you that then become your property. The articles that you write can be added to your own website or you can get them published in various article directories where they stand a better chance of being seen by more readers and because you own them your name will appear as the author.

If you think about all of this you will see that there is no reason at all why anybody would be unable to benefit from article marketing. Get some articles out there and see how you can begin driving traffic to your online home based business because article marketing is still one of the least expensive methods of making money online.


If you enjoyed this article by Michelle Jayes then visit her website for more ideas and online opportunities and sign up for her free newsletter

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