Has Internet marketing Reached Saturation Point?

The number of websites is quite astronomical – in November 2009 there were 20,340,000,000 web pages indexed and over 100,000,000 sites indexed with Yahoo.  At about the same time Google announced that it had indexed over one trillion unique URLs and Bing quoted over 1 trillion websites.

These figures are perhaps a little out of date, but with the rate of growth it’s very difficult to find an up to date and accurate figure.  Suffice to say, there is a lot of competition out there for any would-be internet marketer!     

So has the internet market reached saturation point?  That’s exactly the question that I put to Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review when I exclusively interviewed him.  Suffice to say that Neil produced a realistic and reassuring response to my question!  To get Neil’s full response to this important question simply leave your details in the boxes on the right hand side of this blog and you’ll have free immediate access to not only the original audio recording but also a full transcript of the interview – Neil’s views are well worth listening too!

How would I answer the question?  Probably with two words – quantity and quality.  It’s true that there are many, many sites on the World Wide Web, but I am frequently disappointed with the actual quality of the content.  My field is internet marketing, and my aim is to make this accessible to as many people as possible through original content.  Time and time again I see sites that contain huge amounts of material taken from other sites.  They lack originality and quality.

Everything on my site is original.  I write all my own posts (no ‘ghost-writers’ here!), publish my own newsletters, produce all my own training videos, and record my own audio tracks.  Very rarely do I use material from elsewhere, and if I do then it’s always high quality from a known source.

This is in stark contrast to the majority of sites out there.  Quality really is the key word, and if I was to offer any advice to a newcomer to the internet marketing scene then it would be not to worry about quantity, but focus on quality!

Keep dreaming those big dreams,


p.s. To listen to more of my exclusive interview with Neil Stafford, simply sign-up to receive the complete free recording and transcript.  Leave your details in the boxes on the right-hand side of this page and you’ll have instant FREE access.

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