Holidays – One Of The Benefits Of Teaching!

One of the key benefits of being a teacher, apart from the company car and the expense account (I jest!), is the holiday break.  My wife and I both work in education, and now that term has ended we’re about to depart for our annual journey to the English Lake District.

We always rent the same little cottage overlooking the estuary and the Isle of Man, and already the car is packed with books, DVDs, walking boots and bottles of red wine!  There will be no internet, and the mobile phone coverage is very poor. So effectively we’re away from all forms of intrusive communication – how blissful is that? 

The journey from our house in the south of England to the Lakes takes us about seven hours, including stops, and we like to use the time to catch up with audio recordings.  Most of our listening relates to our love for learning, although we do include the occasional fictional audio book.

In our busy lives, snatching time to listen and learn can be a challenge, but the beauty of audio recordings is that you can listen to them anywhere – on the train, in the gym, walking in the countryside, or even on long car journeys to the Lakes!  Audio recordings also enable us to focus on one of our three learning styles – we tend to be bombarded with visual and kinaesthetic input, so taking a break from these can be really beneficial.

I’ve just added a couple of new audio recordings to my site.  Have a look at the right hand side, under ‘Audio recordings’.  I’ve used previous article content as the themes for my recordings, so why not click on them, download them to your computer or MP3 player and then listen to them at your convenience?

I’d better be off now so I can finish packing the car.  I hope you enjoy the recordings, and do contact me if you’ve got any suggestions for future downloads.

I’ll be in touch again after my holiday – the Lake District here we come!


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