How Can I Create My First Product?

Have you ever wanted to create a product and then market it on the internet, but havn’t had a clue where to start?  You’re in good company – many people have been in your position, and the vast majority have never got beyond the initial thought.

There’s nothing more daunting than staring at a blank computer screen and waiting for some creative juices to flow.  I’ve been in that position, so when the opportunity came to interview Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review one of my burning questions was exactly on the topic of product creation.  

Neil is a big fan of eBooks and audio MP3s for the development of new products – they’re simple, quick to create and very easily accessible.  In our discussion Neil explained the steps involved in creating an eBook, and he emphasised the fact that the eBook doesn’t need to be a long epic, and if the content is real quality then it can indeed be quite short.  For example, one of my interests is trading on the foreign exchange markets, and an eBook of less than 40 pages can sell for in excess of $200 simply because the content is potentially so profitable.

Neil also likes MP3 audio recordings, and as a member of the Internet Marketing Review I always look forward to the monthly recordings that he and his business partner, Neil Travers, put together.  Often these take the form of a simple Q & A, or they may be in-depth interviews with experts in the various areas of internet marketing.

It’s very easy to put together an MP3 recording, and on my site I’ve got a number of examples.  I simply took articles that I had already written and recorded my reading of them using free Audacity software.  I’m no professional actor, but I’m very happy with the quality of the end product.

So creating your own product can be much easier than perhaps you originally thought.  To hear more about product creation and the rest of my interview with Neil Stafford simply leave your details in the boxes on the right hand side of this page and you will get free and immediate access.  I’ve also included a free transcript of the interview.  Neil is recognised as perhaps the UK’s most prominent internet marketer, so it’s well worth taking a little time to hear what he’s got to say.

I hope you enjoy the recordings!


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