How Can You Drive Traffic To Your Site?

Looking back on life, it’s sometimes a bit embarrassing to realise how naïve one can be.  My first real faux pas was signing up with something called the University of Internet Marketing.  I paid a significant amount of money to sign up for the UIM and it turned out to be a total scam.  I was given access to 1:1 coaching, and it soon became evident that I knew more than the coach about internet marketing, and I was a complete beginner!

My second bout of naivety was what I called my ‘Field of Dreams’ moment.  I love the movie ‘Field of Dreams’, and it continues to be in my top 5 movies of all time.  If you havn’t seen it, then it’s about a farmer in Iowa who is told by a voice to build a baseball field on his farm, and ‘they’ will come.  I won’t spoil your possible enjoyment of the movie by saying who ‘they’ are, but in my internet marketing infancy I believed that if I built a website ‘they’ (in my case customers) would come.

That’s right, I built a site, sat back, and expected everybody to click on my product and embarrass me with the amount of money flooding in.  Surprise, surprise, no one came.

It wasn’t until I really began taking internet marketing seriously and joined the Internet Marketing Review that I began to understanding the real significance of driving traffic to my site.  Even then I wasn’t sure how to go about it, so when the opportunity arose to interview Neil Stafford, founder of the Internet Marketing Review, it was one of my obvious questions.

In my recorded interview Neil started off with a really clear exposition of the benefits of article marketing.  Neil has stated on several occasions that if there’s one thing he wished he had done earlier then that would have been more article marketing.

Another source of traffic that Neil really advocates is video marketing.  In the interview Neil describes how you can re-use existing material and re-work it into video format.  I am a great fan of using videos to drive traffic to my sites, and I really enjoy the process of putting the videos together.

To hear Neil’s detailed response to my question, and the complete interview that I felt privileged to record, simply leave your details in the boxes on the right hand side of this page and you will get free and immediate access.  For your benefit I’ve also included a free transcript of the interview.

Potential customers will not come to your site unless you ‘drive’ them in the right direction.  Listen to what Neil has to say and you can avoid repeating my embarrassing moments!

Enjoy the recording!


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