How I Joined The 10% Club.


megaphoneIt is a widely recognised and sobering fact, but 90% of all Internet Marketing business start-ups fail within the first 120 days. By this we mean that the vast majority of would-be internet marketers fail to make a single sale.

Over the past twelve months I have made the leap from the 90% of failures to the 10% of successes. I now make consistent sales from my sites, and my income is regularly in excess of $500 per month. Not a huge amount you may say, but it’s enough to prove to myself that I can be a success at marketing my products.

For me, the next step is to join the 1% – those internet marketers who can make a living from the internet. I know it is possible, and over the next year or two I will be putting plans in place so that I can fulfil my dream.

Getting to the present position hasn’t been an overnight transition. I’ve probably been dabbling in internet marketing for about eight years, and I’ve made many mistakes along the way. I have been lured into many get-rich-quick schemes, and I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the promises of the internet ‘gurus’.

So what turned it all around? Why am I now making money whereas in the past I didn’t? For me, it was the slow realisation that I needed to remain within my skill-set. I am a teacher and a scientist, so the products I now produce fit exactly into my areas of knowledge and expertise – have a look for yourself:

And this is where my future lies – not selling affiliate products or marketing other peoples’ ideas, but simply focusing on what I do best.

There are no overnight successes. Internet marketing is a long hard slog, and if you’re really keen to be a success then you’ve got to put in the necessary effort. Forget the 4-hour work week – add a zero to that, make it the 40-hour work week, and perhaps then you are being more realistic.

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