How Long Will It Take To Make Money From Internet Marketing?

I’ve fallen for my fair share of internet marketing ‘scams’ and in my early days I really did believe that massive profits could be made overnight.  You know the sort of thing – “$45,833 every month with push-button software”, “Generate $103,669 a month”, “Just 12 minutes a day for $86,276 in Forex this year”.

Well I tried a number of these, and I can honestly say that I had a 100% failure rate.  There is no path to instant wealth, and no short cuts to giving up the day job.  And why should there be?  If you were to embark upon a more ‘normal’ business venture then there’s no way you would expect to turn a profit in the short term.

But this is the lure of internet marketing.  Too many ‘experts’ sell the dream, and it’s too easy to believe them.  It’s human nature to want to take short cuts, and to get something for nothing – just look at the number of people playing the lottery every week.  The odds of winning the jackpot are 14 million to one!   

Recently, however, some of the true internet marketing experts have been telling it as it actually is.  There is now more willingness to admit that it takes months, or even years, to see the first sale.  I count myself fortunate in that I managed to land my first sale after seven months of blogging.

When I interviewed Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review I knew that I would get a really honest answer.  Neil himself will openly admit that for the first six months of his internet marketing newsletter he had just one subscriber!  But Neil persevered, and he is now one of the most respected internet marketers in the UK.

So how long will it take to make money from internet marketing?  It’s a bit of a ‘length of string’ question, but the honest answer would be in terms of months or years.  It’s all about persistence, and believing that eventually your efforts will be rewarded.

For now you know one of the greatest principles of success; if you persist long enough you will win.”   Og Mandino

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Thomas Edison

Keep Dreaming those Big Dreams!


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