How To Create Your Own Video Products Part 3

Create your own teaching resource Part 3

Hi, and welcome to the third video in this series – here is where the fun really starts!  In previous videos we have looked at the whys and wherefores of online teaching using videos, and we can now start to put the content together.

In my day job as a teacher I use Powerpoint every day, and creating the presentations is something that I find really enjoyable.  Each presentation helps me to really think through the subject area, and to decide what is really important.  Powerpoint is my presentation tool of choice – despite what others may say about it! 

When I first started teaching there was much discussion about ‘death by worksheet’.  The frequently held opinion was that too many worksheets were being used, and far too many were of very poor quality.

Similar comments have been made about Powerpoint – ‘death by bullet points’ is the frequently heard mantra.

To an extent I understand both sides of the ‘worksheet’ and ‘bullet-point’ debate.  There are many sub-standard resources out there that do little to enhance the teaching experience.  We should really be focusing on the quality of resources – if they’re no better than what you’ve already got then don’t bother using them.

If we really are serious about producing quality online teaching resources then we need to make sure that we put the time in to planning and preparation.  I know that my resources are not perfect, but my aim is to learn continually and to improve what I do.  I am always on the lookout for other resources, and I recommend that anybody interested in becoming an online teacher should spend a significant amount of time looking at what is already available – I can honestly say that it will be time well spent!

To view the video just click on the image at the top of this page, or the link below, and you can start putting together your video content.  Don’t forget to contact me if there’s anything you don’t understand!

Keep dreaming those big dreams,


How To Create Your Own Video Products Part 3

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