How To Find Your Online Niche (Part 2)

I hope you have watched and enjoyed my first video on “How to Find Your Online Niche”.  When we start out on the internet marketing journey it is so easy to stall at the first hurdle and struggle to find our niche.  We fail to recognise the many niche possibilities that are part of our lives and which could be the beginning of a profitable future.

In the first video I encouraged you to explore your potential, and to come up with possible niche areas in your work, your hobbies, your interests, and other areas.   Not every niche will be profitable, and the next step is to use tools that are freely available to begin researching your ideas and then selecting the best options.

In this second video in the series I will introduce you to free analytical tools and show you how I have used them to narrow down my search to a few keyword items that I will develop.  So click on the link below, sit back and take those all-important notes.  As ever, I appreciate your comments!

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