How To Find Your Online Niche (Part 4)

Here is the fourth and final video in my series on how to find your online niche.  For many people, finding their ‘niche’ is a critical stumbling block, and often stops them from making any significant progress. 

“What have I got to offer?” – “What on Earth would people find interesting about what I do?” – “What can I write about with passion?”

Everybody has a story to tell, and by telling the story your niche can be revealed.  We all have niche interests, even if it’s just watching television – you could start writing reviews, or setting up blogs about your favourite stars or soaps!  You could even produce a monthly newsletter, or set up a membership site – the possibilities are endless.  Remember the puppet show ‘Thunderbirds’ from the 60’s and 70s? – what about a membership site based on these programmes? There are many people who remember the Tracy puppets from their childhood and look back with nostalgia.

What have you got to lose?  The only thing stopping you is YOU!  All you have to do is to make a start and persevere.  Your first attempts may not be successful, but you’ve got to keep trying if you’re really serious about fulfilling your dreams.  You may initially fail, but don’t worry – “Failing doesn’t make you a failure, only quitting does.”

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video series and are now raring to go.  In the next videos I will be looking at the right choice of domain names.  If you’ve missed any of my previous videos then use the links on the right (—–>) to catch-up.

Don’t forget that I always appreciate your comments, and if you’ve got any burning questions then please contact me using the address given on this site.

Happy viewing!


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