How To Plan An Effective Squeeze Page

You will hear this repeated many, many times, but in order to be successful in internet marketing you’ve got to develop a list and then build long-lasting relationships with the members of your list.

Forget all the hype about instant overnight success and massive riches – it just doesn’t happen.  Being successful is all about the slog, the many hours of producing content, the frustrations, the set-backs.  Is it all worth it? Yes!  When you achieve your ultimate goal all your efforts will be justified. 

So stick with the plan and prepare for the long-term.  Build your list, nourish it, provide top quality content and aim to be the best.  In order to get names onto your list you need to have an opt-in form to capture the necessary details, and a squeeze page is an excellent point from which to launch your internet business.

What is a squeeze page and how do you begin to set one out?  Help is at hand!  In this video I take you through the basics of the squeeze page – what it is, what a squeeze page needs to contain, and a couple of examples of effective squeeze pages.

Just click on the link below and see how easy it is to plan your own squeeze page.  Just follow the instructions given and in no time at all you’ll have planned out your own squeeze page and be ready to go.

I hope you enjoy it!


p.s. As always, I appreciate comments, both positive and negative.  Let me know what you think of the video, and also drop me a line if there’s a particular topic that you would like me to cover in future videos.  Keep dreaming those big dreams!

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