How To Record and Upload an Audio File

In a previous post I described the necessity to plan for all possible learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – when producing training materials, and in my own work I have tried to make it my goal to develop approaches that will suit all.

For auditory learners, or for internet users with visual disabilities, the development of audio recordings is a real benefit.  However, as with everything on the internet, making audio recordings is not necessarily as easy as it initially seems! 

I frequently spend hours surfing the internet looking for suitable training materials to enable me to develop a particular new skill, but despite the multitude of videos available on YouTube I inevitably end up frustrated with the quality provided.  So many producers of training videos expect you to have a significant amount of knowledge, and if you’re a relative newcomer then their expectations can be over-whelming.

My goal is to produce training material that will enable anybody to get started in an internet marketing business.  In particular, I hope that my training videos explain processes in a suitably straightforward and understandable way.

My latest video explains how to record and upload an audio file.  It arose out of my own frustration when trying to do it myself for the first time.  To access the video please click on the link below.

I really do appreciate your feedback, so if you’ve watched the video then please leave me a comment – was it helpful?  Could it be improved?  Are there any topics that you would like to see clearly explained?

Do click on the link, and I hope that you enjoy it.

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