How To Upload Your Files Using FTP Software

Life is full of mysteries.  There are many wonders in nature that make us stand back and think – “Wow, how is that done?”  Some things just seem to be beyond our comprehension.

When I first started out in internet marketing this was just what I felt when trying to grapple with the issue of getting content up onto the World Wide Web.  It just seemed incredibly baffling, and I really struggled to understand where files were kept and how others could get access to them. 

Then I was introduced to FTP and suddenly I had a light bulb moment.  So that’s how it’s done!  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and an FTP program allows you to move files from one computer to another.  It really is as simple as that.

Imagine you are creating a webpage at home on your computer.  You are using web editor software, and in order for the world to see your page, you have to upload your page to your web host.  This process – of transferring files from your computer – to your web host’s computer – is known as FTP.

I hope you’re not confused by any of this.  Let me explain more carefully ……… better still, let’s have a look at the whole process in action.  Click on the video link below and I’ll explain in simple steps how to use Filezilla, my FTP program of choice, to upload a file to the web.  Go ahead, click on the link ……….

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