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Like many internet marketers I subscribe to a number of newsletters, and one that I 2014-08-31_12-14-58regularly look forward to is ‘Copy These Ideas’ from Andrew Reynolds. I have followed Andrew for a number of years, and coincidentally I am currently re-reading the booklets from his ‘Cash on Demand’ course.

Andrew has a very relaxed writing style, and I find it very easy to work through the ideas as he presents them. Over the past couple of months I have pursued his guidance and have taken the necessary action.

I was therefore very intrigued to receive the latest edition of ‘Copy These Ideas’ as the project Andrew recommended belonged to a mutual friend, Neil Stafford of the Internet Marketing Review. Neil has mentored me on several occasions, and if he delivers a product then you can be assured that it is worth the investment.

Andrew’s recommendation this month is to investigate the profits to be made from Public Domain materials. Any product or information that is out of copyright or has never had copyright assigned is now in the public domain.

The public domain contains a huge number of resources, including books, music, paintings, film and software. You can take any of these resources, repackage them, resell them and legitimately keep 100% of the profits.

I have purchased Neil’s Public Domain Eclass and I can vouch for the quality of the product. Neil takes you through the whole process, beginning with how to source your public domain resource, how to develop it, and how to get it onto the market.

But don’t just take my word for it – have a look at Neil’s course by following the link below and take action. Only by taking action will you reward yourself with the lifestyle you deserve!

Just click on this link:

Public Domain eClass 

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