Inspired By Internet Marketing Success

Trying to get started in internet marketing can seem like a constant uphill struggle.  You’ve made the commitment to develop an internet marketing presence, you’ve read the books, purchased the courses, created your site or blog, but then what?  How many people who actually make a start will eventually be successful?

A couple of years ago I attended an evening workshop in a London wine bar that was hosted by an ‘expert’ who I really respected and still do to this day.  Over a hundred individuals were present, all getting carried away by the euphoria of great wealth.

During the evening I spoke with many of the attendees, and not one had actually made it to their first sale.  When I dug beneath the surface there was an emptiness, a yearning that was being unfulfilled.  I wonder how many of the guys at the event are still involved in internet marketing? 

We need to hear about success if we are to continue along the internet marketing pathway, and this week it was wonderful to hear of two contemporaries who have done just that.  I regularly read the discussion forum of the Internet Marketing Review, and I highly recommend that you belong to the ‘family’ of a discussion forum as well.

One of the regular contributors has been plugging away for a prolonged period of time at his internet marketing business, and it’s been really interesting to watch his progress through his posts on the forum.  This week John announced that he has now gone part-time in his day job.

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but dropping from full time in your day job to part time is a wonderful leap.  It’s something I aspire to, and I know that when I do I will be able to focus even more time on my internet marketing.

The second post was from Jessica, a long-time member of the discussion forum.  She posted – “Last week I sold one of my sites! … Last week it all came together and I sold (the) site for nearly double what I used to make in a year in my old job!”

How’s that for inspiration!!

So it does really happen.  People can be successful in internet marking, as proven in the past week by John and Jessica.  All you have to do is persevere, put in the effort, listen to the advice of others, and success will follow.

Keep dreaming those big dreams,


p.s. It is so important to feel part of an internet marketing family.  You’ll get support and inspiration, and you’ll be able to celebrate success with others.  To get a taste for a great discussion forum just click on the link below – you won’t be disappointed!

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