Internet Marketing and The Menoporsche.

The HarperCollins Dictionary defines the noun ‘menoporsche’ as the “phenomenon of middle-aged men attempting to recapture their lost youth by buying an expensive sports car”.  Another dictionary describes the term as being a series of fictional symptoms experienced by rich, urban middle-aged men trying to fight off a mid-life crisis. What has any of this got to do with our chosen field of internet marketing?  Let me explain …

We are well acquainted with the female menopause, and recognise the physiological and emotional changes that women experience, signalling the end of the primary ovarian functions.  However, I sincerely believe that there is a male equivalent (perhaps without the physiological changes) that men experience as they approach mid-life.  I should know – I’m there!

I’m now in my early fifties, and I have many friends and colleagues of a similar vintage.  At work and at dinner parties I see the change in their outlook and aspirations, and it saddens me that so many are ‘giving-up’ on dreams and few have plans for their future.

In my teaching career I have had many opportunities to work with adults, and almost without exception it has been the women who have come forward to educate themselves and further their career prospects.

Men see middle age as the time to slow down and contemplate retirement.  Sure, there are a few who buy the fast car and try to relive their youth, but the majority just drift into a life where they do not feel valued and physically and mentally they slowly begin to degenerate.

But it doesn’t need to be that way!  I see the future as an immensely exciting adventure with unlimited possibilities.  Central to all my dreams is internet marketing. Retirement is a noun I do not use, and the thought of giving up work just doesn’t register in my plans.  What I really want to do is to experience a ‘life-change’, and I see internet marketing as the means to this end.

I want to have the freedom to enjoy life beyond my day job.  Being realistic, I may have a further 35-40 years of active life ahead of me, and internet marketing will enable me to have a fulfilling future, doing the things I want to do, without the financial restrictions placed upon me by a barely adequate pension.

Of course, being able to follow my adventure depends upon being physically fit, and my efforts in the gym will continue.

I would really like to reach out to the many ‘menoporschal ‘ men out there and show them that there are alternatives.  Mid-life needn’t be a crisis, and a fantastic journey beckons.  Internet marketing is a means to this end, and I for one intend to commit for my future.

As always, Dream Big Dreams!


p.s. As a first step towards a better and more fulfilling future, why not click on the link to the ‘Internet Business Start Up Kit’ in the right-hand panel.  The product has everything you need to begin the great adventure, and it’s good to have first-class support along the way!

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4 Responses to Internet Marketing and The Menoporsche.

  1. Hi Graham,
    I’ve stumbled upon your videos and the blog. I like what I see. I really enjoyed your first two training videos on How to find a niche. I browsed through yr site and found it useful. Like the Menoporsche syndrom and fully agree with you. Do not settle, ever!
    In fact I wrote an snook called: Start Late, Achieve Your Goals Anyway.
    I am 42 so I guess I suffer from a milder case of Menoporsche;)
    Have you set up any niche sites yet?
    I’m looking forward to see how yr IM goes, and exchange experience.
    Great videos.They are “Easier”.

    • Graham Bray says:

      Hi Derek,
      Thanks for your kind comments – glad you like the spot on the menoporsche. I’m more advanced in years than you so I can really equate with it. I like what you’re doing with your site, keep up the great work!

  2. fiona b says:

    The article hasn’t got it quite right. Men do go through physiological changes, from about the age of 40. The male menopause, or the manopause, is very real. Testosterone levels start to fall and as a consequence so does libido. Sperm count drops and thus so does fertility. Fertility in men drops quit dramatically from 50 onwards, mirroring female fertility at this age. The falling testosterone levels cause fat to be laid down around the middle. For all those who have seen the film ‘It’s Complicated’ they will know what this entails. Ok. it’s a satirical look at the problem but it gets the point across. The ageing process for men and women can be painful but if you keep a sense of humour about it and don’t take yourself seriously it can be easier. I feel just as sorry for men going through it as I do for women.

    • Graham Bray says:

      Hi Fiona – thanks for the response and for putting me straight! To me, one of the key impacts of the male menopause is the emotional angle. I’m of that age group, and I see so many of my contemporaries who simply start to ‘give up’. Retirement is a real possibility, and life just seems a drudge. One of the key aims of my sites is to inspire men (and women!) to want to achieve more, and to realise that learning really is for life!

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