Internet Marketing – Getting the Timing Right.

As we approach the beginning of a New Year we all look to the future and begin the annual process of making resolutions.  Commitments to getting in shape and eating healthier rank highly in anyone’s list of goals for the New Year, and as internet marketers we can use these periods in the year to our advantage.

I am keenly interested in weight training and fitness, and have been looking to develop this side of my internet marketing.  Analysis of the data shows that there is a real peak in gym membership in January which then tails off throughout the rest of the year.

Many gyms take advantage of this peak demand and really focus their advertising and recruitment around this time of year.  Using Google Insights we can identify key marketing points and adjust our efforts accordingly.  The graph below from Google Insights clearly illustrates the trends: 

The red arrows indicate the Google Search Volume Index peaks, and these correlate exactly with the beginning of each year from 2004 to 2010.  As internet marketers we need to match our efforts exactly to the search trends and so benefit from an active market searching for solutions.

Further analysis of industry data shows just how narrow these windows of opportunity are.  Gym membership uptake is highest in January, but even by February the interest has begun to wane.  Sadly, the majority of resolutions fail, and of those people who join the gym with the best of intentions, a staggering 70% or more who have taken out membership will actually fail to make any effective use of the facilities.  The first few visits to the gym can be exciting, but after the initial euphoria the reality sets in, and for many people the practice of weight training can seem incredibly boring!

This collapse of enthusiasm can also be used to our advantage if we alter our marketing in late February / March to target gym drop-outs with personalised training schedules and support programmes.

Timing is everything, and with effective use of analytical tools we can adjust our marketing approach to hit the markets with solutions at optimum times.

The weight training cycle is just one example of the need to read markets carefully, and there is no reason why similar analysis could not be applied to any other niche markets. 

So look to the various analytical tools (Google Insights, Google Trends, etc) and plan your New Year to take advantage of peak periods and so continue to expand your internet marketing business!


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